2 thoughts on “Commit log #76

  1. Four! Four good things!

    Dropping by to see how you’re doing. Now, don’t forget to KEEP doing all the things that helped this time – and other times. Learn from this episode what you can (makes it not such a total waste – another good thing).

    Or, if that works better, put it as far behind you as you can.

    Better still, do both. Plus what the bartender says.

    Reinforce the hell out of getting better. Gently, of course. And no blame or guilt – nobody chooses to feel miserable or depressed.

    Also, maybe write down somewhere that you survived – AGAIN. And you always will, even if it was painful and took work this time. You are worth it. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve survived – I’ve stopped counting, because, eventually, I always do.

    Too chipper? Tell me to shut up.

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