HTML For Dummies, Part 1: Visual vs HTML, and Image Aligning

Screenshots of Various Blogs’ HTML Editors


WordPress in visual editor mode:
Wordpress Visual Editor

WordPress in HTML editor mode:
Wordpress HTML Editor


Blogger in visual editor mode:
Blogger Visual Editor

Blogger in HTML editor mode:
Blogger HTML Editor


LiveJournal in visual editor mode:
LiveJournal Visual Editor

LiveJournal in HTML editor mode:
LiveJournal HTML Editor

6 thoughts on “HTML For Dummies, Part 1: Visual vs HTML, and Image Aligning

  1. I love this article! Thanks so much for explaining how to do this. I tend to struggle with images although I know HTML, I’ve not use float very often, so this was an excellent introduction to some of it’s very useful properties!


  2. Handy stuff. I tend to just use ‘align=right’ tucked in my image tag since that was how I learnt to do it way back when (HTML 2.0, maybe?) but I’m going to shift to use the style to do it, probably by adding a new style to my css. Cheers.

  3. You’re welcome, Lubel. :)

    Changing Blogger templates can be a headache, especially if you use a template that’s not meted out officially by Blogger. Information about what widgets you have is stored in the template text itself, so replacing a template tends to mean needing to manually replace the widgets.

    There are ways around that, but they tend to be ugly.

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