New from the S∂ eBookery: The Wallet of Kai Lung

A quote from Ernest Bramah’s The Wallet of Kai Lung, a fantasy set in Ancient China, showed up at the very beginning of Clouds of Witness, straight after the little biography of Lord Peter Wimsey. ((Sadly, my local library has a rather incomplete collection of Lord Peter Wimsey books. Unfortunately, even if I donate said physical books from, my library won’t use them except in fire book sales, so I likely wouldn’t see them again. So. Um. I guess I’m ending up with a bunch of @#$#@ physical books.)) I figure this is a sort of recommendation from Dorothy L. Sayers.

So I went and found it in Project Gutenberg, the non-Canada, non-Australian one. ((The main Project Gutenberg stash, which follows U.S.’s twisted view of copyrights.))

And I thought: hey, I can legally read this text.

So now it’s converted. There’s only a second book in the series that’s available through Project Gutenberg Main, sadly, so this will be a really sort series of conversions; there are more available around and abouts.