Gluten-Free Tales #2 ½: The Xom of Cooking

Yeah, so, lovely intestinal distress strikes again after today. Looking on the web, there are three likely candidates that people talk about the most:

  • Sweet sorghum (flour form). This is a somewhat common allergy, and it’s present in both the GF All Purpose Baking Flour from Bob’s Red Mill, and the GF Wonderful Homemade Bread Mix from same.
  • Xanthan gum. Also a common allergy (present in a LOT of processed foods other than gluten-free as well), and present in both recipes.
  • Guar gum. Only present in issue #1, but not in issue #2. So it may be an innocent bystander… or also involved in mugging me. Some people are allergic to xanthan and not guar; some people are the other way around; some people are allergic to both.

But other ingredients are also all suspect, apart from the common ones like sugar and salt.

Apparently Xom is currently watching over my baking and me. I’d almost go back to the wheat and the allergies (which at least were mild… most of the time…) and the tonsiliths from hell….

I’ll start figuring out what the cause is; I still think it’s xanthan gum, as everything I’ve eaten today had xanthan gum.

It’s a shame—the breads I baked were quite good, and I miss them already.

I ordered some chia seed flour, which is supposed to have a lot of qualities of wheat flour without needing to add extra flours or the gum additives. Including where bread is concerned. If this works out, I will so buy a decent amount of it. I miss my King Arthur flour. :(