Spontaneous ∂erivation came about because I was trying to come up with a pardoxical name. Like “Beautiful Waste” or “Intrepid Drudgery” or “Speed of Slow”. For some reason I was also recalling my Differential Equations class at University, and then the name was obvious. And only had one Google hit back in the day, which was relatively good if not perfect.

If something is derived from something else, how can it be spontaneous? But at the same time, what idea hasn’t been a child of another idea? If most things are derivations, and most things are unplanned, then there is truly a plethora of spontaneous derivations in the world.

And then I had to use a partial derivative symbol for the D, because poor literacy involving random alphabets is cool.

Otherwise, the content on this blog is fairly spontaneous. But there is one thing about this blog that is fairly constant these days: I blog with varying frequency about my struggles with having PTSD and being Bipolar.

At the same time, I like to blog about fun things, because neither the PTSD nor the bipolar is all of me, so if you subscribe to this blog’s feed, be prepared for lots and lots of random. If you don’t like random, you can subscribe to individual category feeds:

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My Sherlock Holmes ramblings are on their own blog.