Themes Past

This page goes backwards in time, from top to bottom!


Spontaneous Derivation (WordPress)


The current theme.


No longer current, due to a desire to reduce complexity by nuking themes not originating from Automattic.

Empty Canvas

Empty. Tired of themes, need something that doesn’t resize font into itty bitties and has fewer sidebars. Like one. (Not yet going down to none or anything crazy like that.)

SimpleBalance Theme

This is the theme I eventually settled on used for a while, and haven’t changed for a while now, though I do spruce and spruced up some of its color schemes from time to time.




Stars and Stripes



Vita Theme

I got stuck on the Vita theme for a little while, with my own header and additions.

Simplicity Theme

After a while I moved off of Blogger and onto my own WordPress installation. I used some other themes before the Simplicity theme from Performancing (designed by the 449 guys).

After this, I’m going from memory, and there will be “Generic Theme Screenshots” just to get a sense of what I had been using before 449/Performancing’s Simplicity.

Downtown Java

One of the best themes, suitable for color-changing and header fixing, although the HTML and Javascript code wasn’t all that clean.

Of course, its primary site is now gone, removed by the developer, and any free versions you download elsewhere may now have a virus embedded, ’cause not all free theme sites are safe.

I don’t have the files anymore either.


Zeke 1.0

I liked Zeke 1.0 from solostream for its… well, redness and warmth of the planks on either side. The way the feature article was well-featured at the top, and the small column was underneath it.


Blogger (Ancient History)

Vermilion Christmas

Just for Christmas. Heh. Also from FinalSense.



From the folks, Classic with some hacks (no, don’t have the hacks anymore).

I don’t have the full image in all its huge glory. Suffice to say, you can imagine how much crap there was in the sidebars.

Built-in Blogger Themes Used

For a bulk of my time on blogger, I used the built-in Thisaway theme in its various colors, and also added my own variants (usually adding gradient backgrounds with images, like snowflakes falling from light blue to dark blue). Nope, don’t have the files anymore.

At the very beginning, it was whatever theme that Miss Snark used, because it was good looking. I may actually have returned to it at the very, very end.