Spontaneous Derivation Will Earn Its Name

I had a dream.

In this dream I broke up Spontaneous Derivation into two blogs: Spontaneous Derivation and “Real Me” Spontaneous Derivation. It even had a URL—I think it was http://realme.spontaneousderivation.com/ —and I was readying the WordPress exports/imports and everything. Then I woke up.

It was an odd dream, but not one that I’m exactly going to execute (though I must thank the Overherd member, whichever one it was, that manipulated the dream away from scary territory into mundane and very welcome territory).

Instead, I’m going to have this blog earn its name. Spontaneous Derivation. Spontaneous posts about many different things. Although some things are going to have more than their fair share of posts (such as board games), I’ll keep things tagged appropriately so that they remain searchable, not just spontaneous.

Oh, Overherd. I can’t think of which one gave me this dream. It was enlightening. I feel like I haven’t probed everything about it.