Arachne Drinks More David’s Tea

MY NEW FAVORITE TEA BLENDER. They are like the BPAL of teas. Even if not all of their teas are a hit with me, it’s not for lack of their trying, and it’s a fun experience.

By the way, I found out through Google that they discontinued their Buttercream blend. WHYYYYYYYYYYY

Cream of Earl Grey is a rather nice Earl Grey blended with vanilla and cream flavorings. I cannot drink this steeped at anything other than the lower end of three minutes; any longer, and the black tea takes over the taste of the vanilla, and it becomes a plain Earl Grey to me. That said, it is one of my favorite vanilla-and-Earl-Grey blends, and compares very favorably (and possibly exceeds) the Queen Mary blend of similar name.

Bollywood Chai is bright and spicy, as befits its name. It’s also sweetened by the candy-covered fennel pieces, which gives the loose tea a visual pop that is rather attractive. In essence, it’s a sweet spicy tea. I liked it enough to buy a tin of it.

Le Digestif is meant to be a medicinal tea for the stomach, combining just about every herbal remedy from various cultures. It tastes disgusting, but I guess in extremis, I will find it handy.

Tropicalia is a fruit tea with little sugar hearts in it, which results in a very sweet tea with a pina colada flavor. It’s too sweet for me, who tends to prefer her tea without sweeteners, but it is pretty good iced.

Green & Fruity is wonderful. It reminds me of Mighty Leaf’s Green Tea Tropical, except this is a green rooibos tea. Tropical fruits turn out to blend really well with green rooibos.

Orange Blossom is a vanilla-orange red-and-green rooibos blend. I’m not sure I like it; it’s, again, too sweet. I prefer Mighty Leaf’s Orange Dulce, because the black tea gives it some bite that goes well with the sweet vanilla-orange flavor. A comforting blend, but ultimately not a stayer with me.

Pink Lemonade I have discovered I can only drink as an iced tea, and even then I much prefer Harney & Sons’ more sublime fruit teas. However, if you like a punch in the taste buds, Pink Lemonade is more than willing to oblige.

Checkmate is the first black tea and white tea blend I’ve ever tried, and I suspect most blenders would never have tried it, but David’s Tea is different. And the blend actually works. There’s coconut and chamomile in it, but the black and white teas actually produce a chocolate flavor. It’s now my favorite white tea blend.

Movie Night takes the concept of genmaicha (also known as “popcorn” tea, due to some of the brown rice kernels popping like popcorn in hot enough water, or just coming pre-popped from the toasting process) and pushes it with apples and actual popcorn. It is a green tea, but this is definitely one of the David’s strange blends where the tea takes a backseat, quantity-wise, to the other ingredients (something other blenders definitely do not try; it’s either mostly tea or no tea at all). This results in a low-caffeine tea and interesting flavors. Movie Night tastes like a night at the movies, and is interesting enough to give it more tries.

Cocoberry is a maté blend with berries and coffee beans, which definitely puts it even more into the stimulant territory. It’s alright, not my favorite maté blend ever, but still pretty good.

Vanilla Orchard is one of the few oolong blends I’ve ever tried, and it’s AWESOME. For some reason the vanilla works extremely well in an oolong, and while there is some floral taste here that works in tandem with the vanilla to produce a smooth cup, it still surprises me. I’d always associated oolongs with smoky flavors, but I guess the smoke helps the vanilla stand out.