PTSD and Bipolar

I have chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, due to growing up in a rather abusive household, the tenure of which stretched for over 20 years.

I’m also bipolar, which can fuel the PTSD on either the mania or depressive episodes.

My treatment is a combination of medication and talk.

PTSD/bipolar isn’t all there is to me, of course, and much of the time I’m a very functional person. (You can’t work where I do if you aren’t.) But I do write a lot about my disorders, because it helps me organize my thoughts about them, which seems to be helping.

Nowadays there’s a PTSD ‘n bipolar category.

I came up with a 10-item list of the what people get wrong about my PTSD.

PTSD/Trauma in Literature

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Fiction

My most informative articles are a series of posts on

Part 1

How PTSD is experienced in real life, and an overview of what fiction often gets wrong.

Part 2

An in-depth look at the PTSD portrayals in Babylon 5 (“And the Sky Full of Stars”) and Lord of the Rings.

Part 3

Another in-depth look at PTSD portrayals, this time in World War Z and The West Wing (“Nöel”).

Part 4

A very in-depth look into PTSD and Lord Peter Wimsey.

Miscellaneous Posts Touching Upon PTSD

Other Thoughts on PTSD/Trauma in Literature

Dancing with Psychologists

I started seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist due to the aftermath of That One Flashback, which hasn’t happened again, but has come close.

Well, just an informal series of blog posts about my current run of psychological sessions. They tend to be very personal and at times very meandering. They can be somewhat difficult to find, so here’s a list of them.

A note on terminology: I use “Candy Man” to refer to my psychiatrist, because he prescribes the medication, and “Bartender” to refer to my psychologist, because he’s there to talk to.

General PTSD Musings

Just personal blog posts, not strictly attached to “Dancing with Psychologists,” on PTSD and trauma.

In reverse chronological order:

All That Background

The Past

A few personal blog posts if you want to know more about the trauma exposure that created my PTSD. It’s kind of nasty, but probably in a fascinating way. There is no particular order to this list or even what’s recalled, because the timeline can be a little hazy (probably for the better).

More information can be found embedded in various posts in other sections.

The Present

This is where I try to live. Dreams somewhat betray me, and coping strategies I try to come up with. There is a lot of stumbling. I’m trying to compile this so I remember my mistakes, too, because I think some of these I’ve repeated over the years.

In reversed chronological order, because having the most recent and most coping-ative posts on top feels like the right thing to do: