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Shadow Unit

Season 1

Season 1

Season 2

Season 2: All Episodes
Season 2 Extras 1-15

Individual Episodes

2×01 Lucky Day
2×02 Sugar
2×03 Sin Eater
2×04 Getaway
2×05 Wind-Up Boogeyman


Thoughtcrime Experiments

Alternate History

Wilson, Robert Charles

Julian: A Christmas Story


Bramah, Ernest

The Wallet of Kai Lung

Williams, Margery

The Velveteen Rabbit (Illustrated)

Folklore and Mythology

Wu, Cheng

Journey to the West

Historical Documents

United States Contitution


Wodehouse, P. G.

Mike and Psmith

Mike and Psmith
Psmith in the City
Psmith: Journalist


Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Sherlock Holmes

The Blue Carbuncle (Illustrated)