Sd’s Sister Sites for the Future

What I’ve been working on:

  1. Move the Sherlock Holmes stuff to its own blog so I can focus it appropriately. I have material planned, but not all of it is writerly type stuff.
  2. Move my Fiction off to its own blog so I can focus it appropriately, and I can feel better about updating it without drowning out the writing technique “signal” on Sd.
  3. Do quite a lot of more fine-grained re-categorization of the remaining Sd material.
  4. “Life” stuff will remain, in its own little category while the writing category diversifies.
  5. If Reviews or Blogging really start to break the “it’s about writing” focus (and they already sort of do, a bit), I will start looking for places to guest-post or submit those particular articles.
  6. As a result of the above, I should be able to refocus Spontaneous Derivation as a writer’s resource.

When all the shaking gets done… which won’t be for a couple weeks… I hope to get each site focused like a laser. That means more article series like Writing on the Stage, more resource articles like 6 Word Meters and Trackers for the Word-Count Obsessed, and more one-offs like Writing and the Mysterious, Nebulous, Fickle Audience.

And lowering the noise ratio by a LOT.