New on Kindle: Codex Alera, Dresden Files, Uglies

These books are technically not new releases, but they’ve appeared for the Kindle recently and now complete, or almost complete, a few popular series.

Academ’s Fury by Jim Butcher

Buy: 6.39

For fans of the Codex Alera series, by Jim Butcher (of Dresden Files fame), with the introduction of book 2 to the Kindle store, all the volumes are now up to date in the Kindle store:

We await the December 2008 release of Book 5, Princeps’ Fury, with great interest.

Small Favor by Jim Butcher

Buy: 9.99

You’ll also find the entire Dresden Files series up to now in the Kindle store.

I find this a pleasingly pick-up-able series. ((i.e., you can pick up at just about any point and things will mostly make sense, you enjoy yourself too much to care about what you’re missing, and what you were missing will resonate pleasingly when you pick up books before and after the one where you started.)) I started with the 8th book, Proven Guilty, and then picked up volumes back and forth. The most recently available book, in print or Kindle, is Small Favor.

We await the April 2009 release of the 11th book, Turn Coat, also with great interest.

Extras by Scott Westerfeld

Buy: 9.59

The third book remains missing from the Uglies series, though doubtless that situation will be remedied soon. In the meantime, the first two books and the most recent volume (Extras, featured here) are in the Kindle store:

We await the appearance of Specials with great interest. Also, if Scott Westerfield would like to write more books set in the world of Uglies, we would be extremely interested.