Legend of Drizzt: Adventure #2 with Wulfgar, Drizzt, and Regis

Notes about players:

Wulfgar – low AC, but a lot of hit points. Low bonus on At-Will powers, but he can get angry with +1 damage on all hits when he’s at 4 hit points. But then again….

Drizzt – rather talented, with two attacks with fairly cool weapons with somewhat low attack bonuses and a stance that can reduce damage. Wulfgar could have used a stance power, but I’m going to assume Wulfgar isn’t the brightest hero in the world.

Regis – I like that, when he’s going to draw monter cards, he gets to draw two and pick one. This is wonderful for avoiding trolls, which you very much want to do. His Ruby Pendant is a bit messed up: you can, on a successsful hit, hypnotize a monster to walk to another tile and damage another.

Player order is, from right to left: Wulfgar, Drizzt, and Regis.

Items: Wulfgar gets Wand of Acid Arrows, Drizzt gets Spider Mask, and Regist gets Flask of Oil. Sigh.

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