Knocking in the Nails

Continuing with the links in my previous post about Elizabeth Moon’s idiocy, here’s some more linkspam.

First and foremost, I recommend Shweta Narayan’s post, Dissimilation. It reminds me more than a little of the internalized racism I’m afflicted with—and which I hadn’t (consciously?) realized Elizabeth Moon was actually supporting until Shweta’s post.

Yes, indeed. Now Elizabeth Moon really does make me sick when I think about her. So I hope to extend this post until I’ve gotten her out of my mind.

And now, onto the rest:

Even newer! glass_icarus responds and does a complete, full rebuttal of the main (but by no means only) fail in Elizabeth Moon’s post.

Newer! sanguinity responds and dissects the flagrant use of imaginary Indians by anti-immigration and immigration-pro sides. In particular, Elizabeth Moon’s “the native peoples had the most troubles with immigrants!”. ((And gods, that quote from Moon is quite disagreeable to paste in.))

New! Shveta Thakrar responds and I love her so much for this.

Nick Mamatas responds with his usual biting sarcasm.

David Moles responds, and talks about Martin Peretz as well (oh yes, I was hoping this political blog fail would not reach our circle).

The sf_drama comments talk about specific comments in the threads that Elizabeth Moon deleted. (Indeed, Moon’s privilege is so friggin’ obvious that even authors who routinely miss this before have noticed now. Good job, Elizabeth Moon.)

Polenth’s discussion of the erasure of Native Americans in anti-immigration rants. Like Elizabeth Moon’s. Note: seems to not be there anymore.

Excellent all-around macro for folks like Elizabeth Moon.

Have fun with the Twitter search for Elizabeth Moon!

To Elizabeth Moon: Please die in all the fires. Thank you. You know what? She’s not worth spending evil points on.

I feel better. (Still.)