The Overcow Has Arrived

It’s an Echo Bazaar joke, actually. One of the companions you can buy in the Bazaar in Fallen London is an Overgoat. He or she looks like this.

(You can get hired by a similar-looking specimen in Ladybones Road, but I don’t know if they’re an Overgoat.)

The Overgoat costs an ungodly amount of cash in the game, so one is unlikely to get one, but that’s never stopped me from wanting one, because you get +10 Watchful with it. And it has pretty awesome flavor text.

Anyways, as I often suffer from not just nightmares, but also an aching loneliness in the night, Abi suggested I get a stuffed animal to cuddle with. Apparently various people have stuffed animals even when they’re adults. Maybe both 43!Bush and Obama have teddies, I don’t know, isn’t it fun to think about?

I haven’t had a stuffed animal in a very long time, but hey. I’ll try anything.

Appropriate dimensions for most stuffed animals to sleep with are apparently in the 12″ range, maybe bigger if you want more cuddle.

Amazon sells no Gund Goats, so I got the Gund Mooly Cow.

Pictures below the cut:

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