PTSD B-day Update #3

I’m exhausted. I spent my spoons carefully. So I have clean laundry for tomorrow, even if it’s only half-folded and not at all put away. Trying to figure out lunch Monday as well, but that’s harder when your fingers and attention aren’t currently reliable and you’re tired of sandwiches… but it’ll probably be boiled eggs, bread, sugar snap peas, and fruit.

This all assumes I don’t get sick tonight, and I don’t wake up from nightmares all night, and I don’t fail my PTSD check in the morning. If I end up in a fugue state, of course, all bets are off.

I ate dinner a couple hours ago, hopefully I won’t have any messy cleanup later tonight. Not sure what to do about the rest. Maybe I’ll think of something; possibly I’ll need to use up my continues for the day to sleep through each nightmare. And then… um….

Dammit, they don’t sell a strategy guide for this game, and all the walkthroughs are useless.

Anyways, in lieu of finding mental health points by slashing through grass or whipping blocks in the walls, I know I may not be able to get off the island tomorrow, but I will certainly try. Success makes me feel better on low days, but this isn’t just an end boss, it’s an end boss level, so normal strategies may not apply.

Killing Ganon four times was easier than these three fucking holidays and a birthday. If only the fishing pole cheat worked on trigger days….