Mike and Psmith, Psmith in the City Epub Versions

In celebration of moving my downloads over to WP DownloadManager, I decided to release Epub versions of Mike and Psmith and Psmith in the City. ETA: And also Psmith, Journalist. For more about Psmith, see my Kindle-licious series.

[download id=”24,25,26″]

I’ve written this warning a few times before, but I might as well do it again:

Warning Warning Warning

The above texts are public domain only in the United States, anywhere with a Berne-convention-style copyright that expires 25 years after author death, and anywhere else without copyright laws.

If you live anywhere else, especially in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, every country in continental Europe, almost every country in Asia, South America, and Africa—these are not legal for you to download, read, read aloud, print, or store on a computer or server unless it happens to be housed in the United States, etc etc etc. ((If you think this is ridiculous, join the club. I’m not against copyright in general—far from it—but the man’s been dead for over 25 years.))

For more information, see Copyright and Wodehouse.

End Warning

I wrote a few scripts to make the Epub process a snap for those of us working by hand. I’m not ready to release them, but here’s an example session (warning: extreme geek):

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