Daily Tea for 2010 September 26

I decided to get back into the habit, seeing as the weather is (somewhat) appropriate for tea these days in the Pacific Northwest.

One of many Dragon Well green tea blends, and only slightly smoky. I’m not actually one for most green teas or most smoky teas, but I’m okay with this one—but it’s not a favorite of mine.

This, on the other hand, I love. It’s one of the only white teas I do love, and mostly because for once the earthiness of a white tea is the perfect base for the lightness of the peach. Also, it isn’t as loaded with caffeine as the black peach teas I do drink.

Rooibos is a pleasant night-time treat. I find I prefer this tea hot, but as a cold iced tea, chocolate mint works quite well. (Stick to brewing it for 7 minutes if you prefer the chocolate notes to those of the rooibos.)