Kindle Advent Calendar: Day 15 – Julian: A Christmas Story

Julian: A Christmas Story
by Robert Charles Wilson
PDF ((From • Kindle/Mobipocket ((Robert Charles Wilson has been gracious enough to let me put up free versions of Julian: A Christmas Story as Mobipocket and ePub versions. Unlike other works I’ve turned into eBooks, this one is under copyright and without a Creative Commons license, which means that permission is required for distribution.)) • ePub ((Yes, this is the first work for which I’ve created an ePub version. The Sony Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, and quite a bit of other software can digest ePub. Calibre helped quite a bit with creating a rough version from the PDF to work with.)) ((By the way, Safari and possibly Internet Explorer sometimes want to unzip the ePub file. Use save-as instead.)) • Hardcover

The world of Julian Comstock: events of the 21st century have resulted in near-complete technological collapse, tossing the world into an age akin to the mid-19th century. In the United States, the President rules alongside a puritan theocracy, and the country is warring with Europe.

During these troubled times, the friendship between a rural low-born boy and the aristocratic nephew of the President carries them through a holiday of rediscovering the past; but not all is quiet in Williams Ford as the prospect of war shatters the idyllic rural town.

Plus it’s an election year.

A Christmas Story is a self-contained part of a forthcoming novel, Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America.

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