Get Out the Abacus and Count This: Shadow Unit Season 1 Available As EPUB

This was made possible via Calibre, which has a rather spiffy converter from Mobipocket files (suitable for Kindle) to EPUB files (suitable for Sony Reader and Stanza).

Note: This is, as the file name indicates right now, a beta version. Please file complaints as appropriate (preferably as comments to this blog entry). Once I get the kinks straightened out, I’ll put out a final EPUB version, a new Kindle version (not that much different), and a Microsoft LIT version. The conversion turned out not to be as seamless as I hoped, especially in the case of



Sorry about that.

Shadow Unit Season 1

By the way, if you’re a Kindle reader and you haven’t read Shadow Unit yet, Season 1 for Kindle (and other Mobipocket readers) is available at the same link above.

If you’re a stanza user, you can add the following URL as a library: .