Straining Inspiration from the Interwebs

Over at Jenn Hollowell’s blog, she asks: what blog or blogs inspire you the most?.

I put a pretty long answer in the comments, and you should visit her blog and add even more links!

Below follow the substantive links I mentioned, copied & pasted here:

[profession]’s block is always a bear… I’m just a writer, not an artist, but here are a couple of sites I find helpful; perhaps they can cross over to the artist side.

Creative Writing Prompts. Just hover your mouse over a random number, and a popup with an inspiration should appear.

Ficlets: Inspiration. Part of the Ficlets website (fun to read from time to time; the blog is quite good, and is mostly posted to by John Scalzi). The pictures are fun.

Not a site, but I got The Observation Deck, just for fun. It’s a bit expensive, but has a lot of writing tips from all kinds of authors. I just like inspiration that is concrete (literally, I guess, with the cards and the accompanying book) from time to time. :)

Blogs I subscribe to:

Deep Genre. By numerous fantasy and scifi writers, updated from time to time with thoughts about writing in all sorts of mediums, as well as reviews. I don’t know if the 13-line critique program there is very active right now.

SF Novelists. By numerous scifi writers, including folks like Charles Stross. They talk much more about writing than about scifi in particular.

Swivet. Many writing links posted often. Also if you know of a job opening in her area, please let her know.

westerblog. YA author of scifi, although some of it I would put more towards the fantasy side (like his vampire book). I like his blog a lot.

Whatever. John Scalzi’s blog, right now he’s doing a month of writers — guest blogs from all sorts of writers all over! It’s great to read! Plus his blog is just fun to read. His very old entries–which are hosted somewhere on the site–talk quite a bit about writing. If I find them I’ll post the link here. Many of his old entries about writing are now in a book that’s hard to get but has just been reprinted. But it’s in high demand so I don’t know if there are any copies left. Probably no more signed copies, but there are plenty of cheaper unsigned ones. Were, anyways.

Hope you like the links!