The Person

My pen name is Arachne Jericho. I work as a software developer, and otherwise game, read, script, and write in my free time.

If you ever see me on forums or communities, I almost always use Psmith’s profile as my avatar. This is because my choice of appearance would be “female bisexual in a tux” (And not one of those “sexy” tuxes. A proper cut for me, thank you.), and not because, as assumed by some, I’m a guy.

My favorite pony is the ever-fabulous Rarity, although my personality is very much Twilight Sparkle.

Internets Stuff

Here are some things that I’ve done in the past, some currently.

Fiction and Narrative Non-Fiction Writing

I’ve written two pieces I’m proudest of to date, and hope to add more one day. Perhaps I’ll even have an entire bibliography, somehow, someday.

Christmas in a Strange Place, a Psann/Kinaktak fiction.

Blade off the Feather, about how I started my writing path and why I seem to inevitably return to it.