The Two-Pronged Approach to Job Stress

Have a serious hobby.


When all I had was my job and Jeremy Brett videos, the productive part of my life was centered around The Job. When stress went up in my job, I could not box that stress up and say “this is only part of the productive me that’s having trouble sleeping at night”. Heavens forfend that work for some reason reaches an idling point of little tasks that, while tedious, still need to get done, and you start fidgeting mentally.

Having another productive part of your life is the key to not putting all of your mental eggs in one basket.

The other key is that this hobby is one you take seriously. You actively participate and, most importantly, be productive. You exert independent control.

Now there are two productive sides of you. And the independent side should tank less often, perhaps almost never.

Being productive is the key to self-esteem.

Warning: your free time will go down considerably, but you’ll probably have more satisfaction. The best part is that this satisfaction carries over to The Job, increasing your moral and lowering your blood pressure.

That’s why I write.