Only Partly Through November, But….

… I would like to thank Pete for starting up The Great Tea Debacle. If it were not for GTD, I would not have gotten this far after the plot decided to thrash me around for a bit.

(That’s the first time I’ve had a plot actively do that to me. Maybe I’m starting to get the hang of this story-telling thing after all.)

I love the competition and the support from folks involved in GTD. They are not mutually exclusive. :) Losing either would have resulted in my word count per day sinking to 0 about… last week, actually.

Now I have technically completed NaNo, but I have not yet finished my first novel nor my second. So I still gotta keep on cracking!

2 thoughts on “Only Partly Through November, But….

  1. :patpatpats Pete’s shoulder:Your words are probably much better than mine right now!You know, I always wondered how Neil Gaiman could finish a novelette in two days and a weekend. Now I know. Plus he rewrites on the last day.

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