Take that, plot!


You have no place in my plot! Begone! Begone! Dammit! You’re still here!

Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!

Well, at least my interest in the plot has picked up again. Never a dull moment. I come across dead scenes that I think will be nothing but utter pain, but my characters save me every time.

Now I must confront my greatest fear: Is This Character Change Real, or A Cop Out?

(Consults Uncle Orson’s Characters & Viewpoint.)

Why must science fiction throw fast hardballs in that direction?


:writer angst:

6 thoughts on “Take that, plot!

  1. Easy, Arachne. Plots and characters will do what they will, regardless of the writer’s delusions of godhood. Better to just accept it.

  2. Apparently so.I’ve had more minor instances of this all along the process, but this development came out of the blue at the halfway point. I had no idea it could strike so fast or so devastatingly.I’ve had all day to think about the change, and now that I have, it makes perfect sense, but it does mean that a large chunk of previous outline has been ripped out and will need to be replaced.And it means that at least two characters have motives that I never specifically identified. Currently I’m trying to figure out what the heck is happening there.If it weren’t for NaNo and the GTD, I would have stopped writing right here.

  3. BETTER not stop writing. Or we’ll hunt you down. S’truth!Sorry I didn’t send you that e-mail, today. Busy day, and in the free moments, my brain mostly went “urk”It’s first in the morning, though. :)

  4. Thanks, Pete. :)And I haven’t stopped writing at all. Thank you GTD! And Jeanne. :DI do think my plot sucks right now, though, but so do all writers at some point, I guess.:hugs Uncle Jim’s Permission to Write Badly certificate all to pieces:

  5. Heh. It’s no skill. It’s forging ahead, knowing that when you cross back you can take pictures because you’ll know what pictures to take.I guess I have no problems with rewrites. Even now I just love my story, though I can see its faults. I can’t wait to work on it after I’ve finished the first draft of the second book.My 80k is actually a skeleton/bone version of the story. Enough there to actually be a story rather than an outline, but enough gaps to–even with cutting–add up to around 100k or so. So if I were concentrating every step of the way, I’d have an excellent 100k novel–but I would have stopped around the 40k mark.I’m just impatient. I want to see the story and I love working with it afterwards. Hopefully now I can turn it into something good.Other people work in different ways of course.

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