NaNoWriMo: 72,078

Whew. That’s a LOT of writing today. But I feel proud, because I can do that much writing in a day, enjoy an evening out to watch a friend’s performance, and return and do even MORE writing.

First line of this block:

On reaching the town square, we could see the gas lamps, the cobbled streets, almost Victorian.

Last line of this block:

When the door closed behind me with a final click, he didn’t move to acknowledge my departure.


Rocketing on towards the end, dancing all night!

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: 72,078

  1. It’s fun to watch people talk about their word counts, on a day to day basis, because even when they outclass mine, I can root for someone else. I’m very much enjoying watching you climb and climb. You’re doing great (yanno, like you need MY approval or anything) ;)

  2. Thanks, guys. :)Like any writer, external validation is always welcome. ;)Now I must go be passed out for another hour, I think. I spent some time last night after the 72k writing up enough vague outline to carry me to the finish line *maybe*.I’m going to keep going if I can though. I want to be like the writer–I forget who!–who said that, after he finished a book, he immediately put another paper in the typewriter and wrote “Chapter 1”.

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