NaNoWriMo: 105,528

Far, far behind the current leads. I need to hit 160k this weekend just to stay barely ahead, and as wild and crazy as I am, I don’t think I can quite hit 20k a day, but I’ll try and see how far I can get.

Right now chapters are steady at 4k, and outlining is not as necessary, but still nice to block out a chapter briefly before diving into it. I need to find another set piece to focus on.

Starting line of this block:

He paced back and forth in our cell. He had declared first dibs on the space, which was not very much, and while I wanted to pace too and had already established a history of needing physical distraction, he turned out to be a merciless arm wrestler, so I sat in the corner of the cell and watched him, trying not to go crazy.

Ending line:

“I know, I know. Our only hope is that you get over it before your ‘love’ progresses to a terminal level.”


I wonder who Walter Reed is?