NaNoWriMo: 115,972

The night is not young when you eat a very large dinner that you spend an hour digesting. You’d think I’d have learned something from all the folks eating Thanksgiving dinners. Yet another writing tip: do not eat large meals, eat multiple small ones that won’t remove power from your brain and redirect it to your stomach.

That said, I did go through some amount of words; over 10k, which is not great, but at least I had fun. We’ll go for 20k tomorrow. Sigh.

Starting line for this block:

The headquarters of the opposition loomed out of the wheat fields surrounding it, visible as a white mansion from several miles around it, thanks to the ultimate flatness of the land of Kansas.

Endling line:

“Secret passage,” I said. “We’ll hide. This is the key. I’ve got ammo. Do you have hope?”


Got to be more careful, people….