NaNoWriMo: 120,172

Nope, didn’t make the 20k today either.

On the other hand, it did make me wonder how I’d gone from “500 words today is too hard, 5000 will take forever!” to “5000 words was easy, and now I’ve hit the dreaded point in the book where The Characters Take Over and Do Unwise Things”.

Starting line:

“Succinct. Not that original. Possible mythological reference. Otherwise a little bit on the sparse side…but that’s intentional, of course.”

Endling line:


Putting this number up for now, because I have no idea when the plot thread will ground itself again tonight.


I don’t know why people want to slam NaNoWriMo. If nothing else, it teaches you that you can write over 1500 (or more) words a day and not kill yourself.

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: 120,172

  1. Soccer Mom Sez:It most certainly does. I’ve learned that I’m happy with an outline. With an outline I can easily do 3-4K on most days. On a busy day, I can just bang out 2K without too much effort. But your numbers make me want to faint.

  2. I also seem to work better with outlining. Much, much better. Like oiling up and fueling an engine. :)I started it because you had, and I wondered if it could just work. I have you to thank, Mary!My numbers are the result of insane drive. :)

  3. Soccer Mom Sez:I’m glad you seem to have found your way as a writer. Now go blister out more words and put a little pressure on Jeanne!~Mary

  4. Trying; I’m 30k to 40k behind here right now. She’s already passed my goal for the month of 160k, no doubt, as she was at 151k but a day ago, and both of us can churn out 10k or more a day on the weekends, depending on the rollingness of our current spate of writing.My brain is jelly after tonight’s splurge of nearly 10k. I was trying for 20k again, but apparently I was not enough in the groove anytime this weekend. :)But trust me, Jeanne has to keep runnin’, just not as much these days :DI really want to finish Articles, though, and it’s starting to stretch long, I think–I can already detect some pacing tells, which makes me feel better about myself as a writer.Will need to outline a lot on the 26th–I burned through all my current outline, at least the bits that stayed the same, and wandered into freestyle, which always slows me down.

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