Continuing the Great Tea Debacle: a Friday Feature?

Over at Kristine’s blog, she’s going to start posting, chapter by chapter, a novel she wrote years ago–the work that inspired her into writing as a career. Check out her “My Big Friday Thing” blog entry.

Continuing the Friday theme, I plan retake up posting continued portions of a mystery story (featuring a more traditional pair of characters who will probably never change that much, thank gods there will be less angst), progressing by 500 words every Friday (although after the experience of TGTD, that will probably be upped to 1000). I call it “Flash Friday” even though this isn’t really flash fiction.

Pete’s also mentioned being tempted to do his own posting of previous works (though whether he’ll give in is a question yet undecided).

So my question: how about a Friday thing? It doesn’t have to be long or new; just a little something to post on a Friday.

I have ulterior motives here: I want to keep the TGTD connection going. It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with respect to writing–in fact, I’ve found it more difficult to go on ever since more and more of TGTD has died down due to either extreme concentration or life interrupting. My connection to some of TGTD participants helps out a lot. Writing is such a lonely biz.

So what do you guys think?

33 thoughts on “Continuing the Great Tea Debacle: a Friday Feature?

  1. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting anything. I have many, many hundred thousand words of old fiction, some of which I quite like, but whether I post anything or not, we’ll see.As for the Tea Debacle ending and vanishing, fear thee not.

  2. I understand your point about wanting TGTD to continue, Arachne. It can be difficult to move on once you’ve made a powerful connection with others, but the peeps who participated are still around. They’re not going anywhere. They’re still in the blog-o-sphere. The problem with posting fiction online, in your blog, is that it uses up First Rights, the best paying rights a writer has. At a certain point in ones career, even if you love writing, even if you do this for the sheer joy and passion of it (and, really, who would put themselves through this if they weren’t passionate about this?), you have to be cognizant of what rights you’re using and how you’re using them. The work Kristine is posting is already circulating through the online world, First Rights are gone, and she never intends to market it anymore than she already has, or else I never would have even mentioned the possibility of her posting it online to her. Don’t worry, though, Pete and Kristine have a new idea cooked up. They’ve been hinting at it gleefully for days now. Eventually, I’m sure they’ll share it with everyone.

  3. Although given how you lot went nuts over “Friday,” we may as well just TELL you what we have cooked up, ’cause you folks still wouldn’t get it. (BIG WINK).It’s worth clarifying that Lori’s right, Kristine’s fiction was previously available online. The stuff I was thinking about posting was — and is, if you look hard enough — available online. It’s stuff that has its first rights already splattered on the internet. Even my trunk novels, I won’t be posting.

  4. I understand about the first rights getting zapped when you post on the net–it’s considered publishing. I know that her novel’s not intended for market.The first stories for Arcady and Zene aren’t meant to be marketed either–just for fun.I wasn’t expecting whatever on Friday to be fiction–maybe musings on writings, thoughts about old radio shows, etc. Just a Friday thing.I’m new to writing fiction, but I’m not new to the commercial aspects of writing in general. (Likewise, I’m not new to basic aspects of writing fiction, either; show don’t tell, it’s not always bad to tell, others I forget right now because I got woken up by a page, blah blah blah.)I actually do my research; I did it for years, in fact, including the publishing aspects. So yeah, I’m a newbie, but mostly in the way that Hermione Granger was a newbie when she hit Hogwarts first year. Books aren’t the complete answer to anything, but they do get you past the first steps.

  5. Yes, there’s a reason I haven’t ever posted my work online before and that loss of First Rights and all that is a major factor. I hold out hope that eventually, everything I’ve written may one day be published and I don’t want someone going, “Well, you blogged that story! Why should I pay you for it?”I might post deleted scenes or excerpts from a novel that I’m working on. I don’t think a 500 word scene will come back to bite me in the butt.At least I hope not.But whole chapters? I think not.

  6. Sorry about my snippiness in the previous comment. I’m just tired of being talked down to and it’s also 6am where I am.

  7. Crazy question…But before I go on, let me make it clear that I think it’s OK to decide to save all fiction you write for marketing. Writing is a business. I follow John Scalzi’s thoughts on that.So moving on to crazy question…Is there nothing that some of you would spare 500 “free” words for on a Friday? Flash fiction? Little things? Musing about fiction at all? I didn’t even ask for whatever it was to be fiction.It’s okay, whatever y’all decides. I just find it amusing to assume that saving everything for money-making eventualities as a good idea. And yes, I do deposit the maximum amounts into my 401K, and I dump the rest of my paycheck minus mortgage, utilities, food, and books into savings ASAP.Yes, I’m aware that 500 free words on Fridays can add up to something valuable that perhaps shouldn’t be given up so easily. And yes, you can call me a fool for sacrificing something like this. But all I can say is…. a) A to Z’s Crime and Violins is an origin story, and b) the others should I write them will not be, and can be sold and won’t be put up here, and c) I am indeed walking into this with eyes wide open, and d) no plans here to be Cory Doctorow (and I don’t think he’s crazy anyways).

  8. AJ, I wasn’t talking down to anyone. I was just explaining why I was on the fence about posting stories. You mentioned that I had said it, and that I was uncertain. I was explaining my uncertainty.

  9. AJ, I have no qualms about publishing something on Fridays, I just haven’t decided what. I might post some old writings from my childhood that are so horrible they are amusing, but I’m worried that people will think that is my current writing ability.I’ve also thought about posting chapters from my unedited trunk novel, but what if I decide one day i want to market it? I’m sure it will change significantly in the editing process, but will it be enough?I will never write about writing. I don’t think I know enough about it, about the process, the business, or anything to write coherently and intelligently on the subject. Personally, I find it interesting how nearly every writer writes about writing. I just can’t.

  10. Pete, yeah, I was a bit too snippy. Please forgive me. Right now I feel like everything is aimed at me (self-centered despair is a problem o’ mine from time to time), even when it’s just not true.The clarification from Lori and Ed and you ARE very good ones, and ought to be mentioned.Ed, most writers can be so meta. :) Learning about the process is exciting, I think, so most of us do what writers do–bubble over with words. Blogs are like kitty toys to most writers. It’s okay to not be meta; we don’t need a zillion more books on writing in the world.I still write about writing despite being still rather inexperienced, because it’s how I usually process whatever I’ve learned (and insights do come in the middle of it all). (I wonder if there’s a category for that in the learning… sciences? study? psychology or sociology? I forget….)I have such a long answer for Lori’s question of the week this week. I’ve learned so much. I want to jump for joy when I think about that. Even now, when I’m hazy with meds and sickness, I think back on my experiences and how I’d write them up, and I still find new things.:ponders: yeah, totally off-topic but that’s me :)

  11. For me, the answer is no, I can’t spare 500 words every Friday. For me, it’s not the words I can’t spare, but the time. There comes a point when a writer has to say, “Yes, this sounds fun, but what is it beyond that?”Writing is fun for me. It is one of my passions. If it ever stops being fun for me, it will be time for me to return to the corporate world, but in order for me to continue doing writing, it has to be more than fun, too.Right now, I only have so much time to write so many words in so many projects. I have to choose which ones I follow at least semi-wisely. That’s me. That’s not everyone. As for my post about First Rights, I’ve longed been in the habit of pointing out such information not just for the person asking the question, who might already know it, but also for anyone who might be lurking and reading. Many writers starting out don’t always stop and think about these things. It’s important that everyone be able to make a fully informed decision about what is best for them and for their work. Not just right now but also the future.For every action, there is a reaction. For every choice, there is a consequence. The more knowledge a person has, the better the decision she can make.

  12. Lori, got it. Very good answer. I hadn’t thought about people who are full-time writers. Spending 500 words is a serious question in that case (and in the cases for people in general who are very, very busy.And yeah, the information about first rights and the ‘net is important to point out. Thanks for doing so.I want to write seriously (with the whole publishing shebang that goes with it), but I still want to spend 500 words a week for at least a little time while I can.

  13. Crazy question #2… Do we get a cool name? Residents of Castle Debacle? Crew of the Dread Ship Debacle?:ponders:

  14. Fishing Rod and Debacle.I’ve been going over my old writings and realized I have a lot of stuff that is in rough draft stage that I either have no intention of ever doing anything with, or when I made the second draft, it was so unlike that it was unrecognizable. So I guess I could post some of that stuff, just for fun, mind you. No wagering.

  15. When I’m doing a spare few hundred words, it’s usually for my blog, which I am keeping as “humor” only (though, I know, that’s open to debate). Meaning, despite what you may think when you read them, I’m crafting the entries.Any short I write I’m sending out for hopeful paid publication, so even flash is something I would “save” and not post anywhere, just in case it’ll sell. I guess, for me, bottom line, is that I have nothing I don’t plan to finalize for potential publication or have given up on.What I’ve found really helpful — though this isn’t “writing”, per se, so much as accountability — has been the Weekend Update over at the AW Humor Forum. We check in every Friday (sometimes over the weekend ’cause life intrudes) and tell each other what we’ve done the past week. Everyone’s very supportive and it’s a pleasant atmosphere to be able to say “I did a ton” or “I did nothing”.I know it’s not the same as what you’re suggesting, AJ, but sometimes just the camraderie of the Weekend Update is enough to keep you going. And sometimes we’re even fun. ;-DJeanne

  16. Jeanne, Heh! But I don’t know how to write funny. That’s very hard. I would be totally out of place.I’m out of place in all the other genres right now, too. Or I feel that way.

  17. I write funny but I don’t write humor, which is why I rarely go into the Humor Forum. If that makes any sense.

  18. WPR isn’t about humor, Arachne. Not everyone who posts there reports on humor pieces. The mod who started WPR started it in humor because that’s the forum she moderated.

  19. Pete, I think either Cain or Able said it; this would be in the arc just before the devestation of _The Kindly Ones_, when Daniel was toddling about.Lori, ah, okay! I’ll have to start posting there. :)

  20. Perhaps they did say it. It’s a common phrase, and it’s certainly one that seems to appear from Neil Gaiman’s mind time and again, so I have no doubt that it turned up. Now I think on it a moment, I believe Mr. Wednesday said it in American Gods too.

  21. Yeah, as Lori said, it’s not just for Humor, just where the Update is (which, I think is properly titled Weekend Progress Report). And we welcome everyone — anyone who wants to update is one of “us”, basically, even if they never write a funny word.Jeanne

  22. Just to add my .2 cents – having been away at a funeral all day it has taken me some time to catch up!My new Friday project has nothing to do with the Tea Debacle, or our FRIDAY THING that you’ll all find out about, on Friday. It’s just me, myself and a old, old tale. And Lori reminding everyone about loss of First Rights is a big issue, we’re all well to be reminded of. This novel I’m posting has already lost its First Rights. I have absolutely no intention of ever trying to sell it – anywhere, for any reason. In fact, I want to thank Lori for her reminder because I hadn’t thought to post a “warning” before each chapter, so that newbies who might come along don’t get the wrong idea. I need those who aren’t aware to know that this novel is going up ONLY because it can’t be published. Had this story never entered the public eye, I might very well have polished it, dusted it off and tried to sell it.But that ship done sailed. And I’ll be posting a disclaimer regarding that with each chapter, just to avoid giving a newbie the wrong impression.But don’t mind me – I’m just a half-day behind this entire conversation! Gah, don’t ever take a day off, eh? :D

  23. Lori and Jeanne: yay! I feel happier now. :)Kristine, no worries. A day off can be quite good. But you already knew that. :D I don’t know if a first rights reminder is required before every single chapter–perhaps just before the first one. It’s all very well and good to remind people, but at the same time…. we do get a clue.Speaking of Debacle in other contexts: Debacle Records

  24. Anyway, Arachne, I’ve thought about it and it actually sounds like a fun thing to do on Fridays. I’ll be posting a piece soon… soon as I can figure out which one gets the baptism of fire.

  25. My writer’s group does hour long writing challenges twice a week. I’ve produced some flash that I don’t intend to sell.I also have some flash out there that keeps coming back with close but no cigar.And pieces that have rights reverted to me that I don’t intend to attempt to sell again. I’ll post those periodically on Thingymablog. Perhaps even on Fridays. ;)Veri word: rlrgl: Rollergirl: new song by Avril.

  26. I love what I’ve seen of your work on AW, Mary, and I’d love to see more on your Thingymablog. In fact, I wonder what kind of LOLcats you will post with them… :D

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