Great Tea Debacle: Congratulations Jeanne!!

Here is the main GTD page with the announcement!

Here is my own graph I’ve been keeping, which is not as cool as Pete’s graph. Click on image for bigger version.

Jeanne finished with nearly 200k words! She will receive much fine tea from everyone, and a $50 gift certificate from me, for which she only needs to rep me her email address on AW.

Jeanne, you rock!

5 thoughts on “Great Tea Debacle: Congratulations Jeanne!!

  1. Thanks, AJ! I seriously wouldn’t have gotten as many words in, I don’t think, if I hadn’t been “running” with everyone, you and Celina in particular.It was a great experience, looking forward to the next one.Jeanne

  2. And you finished a book in the process, as well as NaNoWriMo! Tres cool. B) [tries to remember if that’s the smilie for shades]

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