Flights for Friday!

Some of my friends from Castle Debacle have started posting Friday things. Here’s a list of them, with excerpts, to visit and enjoy!

Over at Castle Debacle: Project Runway

Lori finds insights in the best of reality TV.

To be more precise, it’s the contestants’ relationships with their creations and their reactions to critiques that capture my interest. As someone who has been around writers of all types, at all stages of maturity, creativity-wise, for a few years now, it’s fascinating that fashion designers respond in the same ways as writers do and to be able to watch their reactions from a distance. [more]

My Midnight Muse: Friday Project Chapter 2.

The second chapter from Kristine’s previously web-published novel, When the Stars Walk Backwards.

It was a nightmare.

Somewhere along the line, this vision had gotten out of control. It used to be something he longed for, even dreamed about. One of those fantasies that you could replay in your mind, and revisit for comfort. Only this time it was real, and it was out of his control.

They were coming. [more]

Upon Reflection: Literary Doodling, Part 2

Ed muses upon poetry.

As a writer, I’ve found there are many things that I’m not afraid to attempt. As a writer concerned with quality, however, I’ve found in those attempts that there are certain things I am just not very good at writing. In fact, to be blunt, I stink.

Poetry is one of those things. The main stumbling block to poetry is, I don’t understand it. I’ve taken the courses, I’ve studied in while in college, but modern poetry, poetry that doesn’t have a rhyming scheme, or that whole iambic pentameter thing like Shakespeare, Longfellow, and Blake all were known for simply perplexes me. [more]

Life, Writing, and Other Things: Disconnect

Tori ponders the value of disconnecting in a connected age.

On the way home from work today, I saw something that I am sure is common today, but made me think back about my experiences several years ago. As this car passed me on the highway, you could see the dad in the front seat, chatting on the phone. In the back, you could see the daughter chatting away on her phone.

Now back in the Stone Ages (or ten years ago), when you rode in the car, you either brought material to entertain yourself with or actually speak with the people in the car. It made me wonder how many families don’t use the time as a good time for discussions and insights to one another. It makes me think back to all the family road trips we took when I was younger. [more]

Thingymablog: I Can Haz Shakespeare?

Mary has translated “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” to LOLcat speak!

I engaged in a little experiment and discovered a few things.
First, translating really makes you think about the meaning behind words and not just the words themselves.

Second, LOLCATZ just won’t fit into iambic pentameter.


I have kittehed Shakespeare.

Hope you enjoy. KTHXBAI.

(With apologies to William)

Oh hai. I compare U to nice day?
Oh noes! U iz moar priddy and moar calm.
Iz bad storm did that Ur nice flowerz.
Dis summer FAIL! Wuz too short. [more]

Spontaneous Derivation: Crime and Violins, Part 3

The third part of a mystery short story involving a drunken cellist and a vain violinist; 500 words every Friday.

“It doesn’t take a Rachmaninoff to figure out that if you’re going to give me this much now, you must be desperate,” said Zene.

Arcady sighed. “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Zene stood up angrily. “You shot at me!” [more]

More Friday! More Friday! You can’t get enough FRIDAY!

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  1. :hugs Tori: Don’t worry! It’s still an article of awesome. And it’s blogging; even Charlie Stross and John Scalzi and Neil Gaiman have typos. You’re in good company. :)Thanks, Mary! On both the linking front and Crime and Violins. :) I like compiling lists of links from time to time, and “Debacle Friday” is a good way to get great material without having to trawl all over the web.C&V will be my very first attempt at a true mystery, rather than thriller or suspense. There’s something very relaxing when writing about two slightly eccentric guys exploring a situation that, while still dangerous and with high stakes for those intimately involved, doesn’t threaten the entire world.

  2. Sorry about that folks. The perfectionist in me escaped the cage during feeding hours. I had to beat her into submission to get her back in the cage.Carry on!

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