Finding time for reading at Castle Debacle

Pete Tzinski: Welcome to the old school:

I’d been reading the book off and on for several weeks which is, in and of itself, pathetic. It grows sadder still when you realize that after several weeks, I was only halfway through the book. This was not because of the complexity of the text, nor the density of the ideas, nor the breadth of the story. It was because I just don’t have time to read anymore.

Does that sound familiar? I bet it does, a little.

My only advice: Treat reading like chocolate–a sin to be enjoyed, not a virtue to be practiced.

2 thoughts on “Finding time for reading at Castle Debacle

  1. Like chocolate?Does this mean only with a cup of tea after the kids are in bed? By coincidence, that’s exactly when I read.

  2. Or on the weekends, relaxing on the sofa in the expectation of nothing from the day to day rat race…. Yup. :)

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