Reality and Animation: Writers, Too

United Hollywood: A Reality Writer Responds to the AMPTP:


Today, I read on your website, “thousands of people in reality and animation have chosen not to join the WGA.”

This statement is false.

As a writer (aka “Supervising Producer”, the name I’m given to get around having to give me a WGA contract) who has worked in reality television for over three years and who knows many people on the reality circuit, I can tell you that reality writers desperately want to be part of the WGA.

We cannot join the guild until we meet the qualifications of the WGA and that means being called a “writer.” Because of this, you refuse to call us “writers.” You give us many other titles like “segment producer,” “consultant,” anything that does not have “writer” in the title. Yet, that’s what we do in reality television. We write.


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