Robert J. Elisberg: WGA Strike Primer

For an in-depth look at the issues behind the strike, from a knowledgeable perspective, see Robert J. Elisberg: WGA Strike Primer: Understanding Misunderstanding – Entertainment on The Huffington Post:

Make no mistake, even an early strike is horrific for everyone concerned. No one wins during a strike. The hope is that both sides win once it’s over.

Yet the deep misunderstandings continue. And one most of all. But first, it’s important to follow the path of misunderstandings.

Alexander Pope’s warning is sage, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Indeed, people with limited information often think themselves expert, and it’s that crevice where they fall into trouble.

Most outside observers drop into this hole. Unfortunately, the issues in this negotiation are intricate and arcane. One word can make a universe of difference. (Truly. Remember those infamous six ultimatums by the AMPTP? The only demand they care about — the sixth one they never mention — is that writers change “distributor’s” gross to “producer’s.” Distributor’s gross is money. Producer’s gross is words. Few “experts” are remotely aware of this one-word, essential point.)