An Offering to My Readers

“What can I give my readers that’s unique(ish), that will bring them back for more?”

It’s a question that troubles many a blogger, professional or not. What focus do you have? Are you just another “writing advice” blog, of which there are already many, in fact entire websites devoted to the cause? Where’s your individual voice? Have you got one?

So I’ve thought about this.

And I decided that what I can offer mainly is a blog about a journey to becoming a Writer. Of course, I’m not totally sure how I’m going to do this when faced with a rather vexing roadblock to going officially professional, but perhaps that just means this will be a unique journey, but hopefully one with elements everyone can identify with.

Fortunately I have already started with a post about my own influences.

Other areas I will cover:

  • Thoughts about Sherlock Holmes and House, M.D., which is a relatively unique(ish) niche and not a topic I thought I’d spend a lot of time on, but sometimes destiny is thrust upon ye. No fan fiction, I promise.
  • My stories, some of which will be nowhere else. Arcady and Zene may spend the rest of their lives on this blog after all.
  • Bits of my experiences of life, as a constant outsider looking in.

In summary, I’ll be offering you me. And that’s the best that any blogger can do. I hope I am to your taste; or at least that I amuse you.

2 thoughts on “An Offering to My Readers

  1. Thanks, Lori. :) My voice has been here all along, I just haven’t been as serious about blogging before. My longer articles have it, and I’ve also been adding it to the lighter popcorn (read: links to random WGA stuff).I’ve also spent some time preparing articles ahead of time by several days, so that they aren’t quite as first-drafty as they used to be.Still need to find that *something* however.*snaps fingers, trying to find it*

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