Blogging: I'm going to try this podcasting thing

As I was reading Arcady and Zene: A Decent Christmas out loud to myself–which I always do during my revisions, as it’s a great way to catch awkward phrasing–I realized a couple things.

My voice, it’s got a carrying quality to it that people oft complain about. My voice is also pitched pretty low for a woman, but that appears to make it carry all the better.

I read out loud pretty well–with fiction, I do my best to vary my voice range, and add in personality to the character voices. Not professional work by any means, but I didn’t stumble much, probably because I knew this short little work inside and out.

I write decently, according to folks who have no interest in boosting my ego (i.e., not my friends, who I would never ask to beta for that reason alone).

My Arcady and Zene pieces are either very short (1500 words) or broken up into short segments, so I shouldn’t wear myself out if I were to, say, read them out loud for an audience.

Like, say, a podcast.

And given that I can’t draw, and we humans love visual and audio, this would be a… dare I say it… unique(ish) twist.

Now I must attempt to learn how to podcast. This’ll be a learning experience and hopefully fun.