Spontaneous Derivation’s First Baby Podcast

My very first Podcast. Done with no extra equipment apart from my MacBook Pro, which has a decent internal microphone and comes with GarageBand. I even generated a happy little jingle. Or a weird little jingle. The initial baseline needs more boost, I know.

This podcast is only five minutes (and a bit) long, but is enough for an introduction for me, a little tiny bit for my website, and my podcasts.

The process of recording was fun, but took some time to do. And I can definitely say that they aren’t kidding when writers script the talk shows: you can only talk coherently with prepared material in front of you (which I did do).

AND I promise to get a good microphone, really!

In addition, Mary at Thingymablog for the five random facts about yourself ring. My answers are in the podcast. I proceed to tag the following folks:

So enjoy! It’s 8 minutes or so, short and sweet. And you’ll also find out about my dreams about Sherlock Holmes.

And yes, that’s my voice. No, I’m not doped up on cough medicine. Well, okay, maybe I am doped up on five cups of Tension Tamer tea.

Here’s an embed for the website:

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Here’s the direct link:

Spontaneous Derivation’s First Baby Podcast

2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Derivation’s First Baby Podcast

  1. Yay! I finally get to hear your voice! I’ll be tuning in to hear you reading Crime and Violins!Thanks for the plug of my thingymablog!

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