Fazing Friday!

The Commune: Thank you for the little things

Lori reminds us to not look over the little things people do for us:

For a long time, I intellectually knew that small things mattered. Things that I thought little of doing, because they were no time or effort, mattered more to others than the things I spent a great deal of time and effort doing. It was the little things that people remembered and treasured.


My Midnight Muse: A Festivus Miracle

Chapters 6 and 7 from When the Stars Walk Backwards!

It wasn’t a nightmare anymore. He was wide awake, eyes open, heart racing. The shadows screaming in the night. The death. Everyone dying. It was real, and it was happening again.

“You knew!” Bryce spat the words at the small computer on his desk. “You knew exactly what was going to happen, all this time!”


Upon Reflection: Literary Doodling, Part 4

Ed, brave man, shares with us a piece of high school writing: a heartfelt love story, “The Odd Couple”.

Deep in the heart of an unknown swamp in the darkest Africa lay the bones of a French airplane pilot, killed when his single-engine plane crashed. His bone had lain among the weeds for over ten years. Mud had covered them and moss and weeds grew in the mud. Then one day. The bones quivered and rose.


Thingymablog: Twas Teh Nite B4 Catmus

Mary translates to LOLcat another time-honored classic!

Oh hai. Wuz nite B4 Catmus and all thru haus
No one wuz busy, not even bad maus.
Ceiling cat wuz hiding up high sum where
Hoping Santy Paws soon be dere

All gud kittehs were asleep in dere beds
Tasty and nootrishus thoughts dances in dere heads
Even teh lolrus and kitten who haz a hat
Had settled in fer a nice happy nap


CarrPeeDiem: Many Posts

Carrie: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – James Patterson & Exclamation Points

The Quickie was an excellent book! The plot was fast-paced! There was a twist and turn on every page! The chapters were 3-4 pages long and that really helped it move fast! There was a lot of action! There were a lot of moments I didn’t expect! And, as you can guess, there were LOTS and LOTS of exclamation marks!!!


Pete: You’re All Worthless and Weak – Please excuse his incoherency, he’s obviously on meds, bless ‘im

We interrupt your regularly scheduled life to offer you this stunning interpretation of a timeless and artistic song, blended with the finest in video artistry. Your life will never be the same. [more]

….and much more!

Spontaneous Derivation: Crime and Violins, Part 5

The segue into the Fugue in C major didn’t.

“Excuse me?” said Zene, glaring down at her, his bow still. He regretted stopping immediately; this woman was obviously what Arcady had been trying to prepare against when looking for a cellist who wouldn’t stop at anything.