Mondo Monday!

This is the last of these I do that’s not an official blog carnival. I know the blogs of lots of people now, and it’s exhausting. And try as I might, I can’t include everybody (there’s so many people blogging on AbsoluteWrite and other places!).

So I might start hosting blog carnivals. Those are fun, and themed, and much easier to gather links from.

Anyways, the last of the crazy random linkages–selections from Thursday to Monday of my favorite entries.

Carrpeediem: Writing Triggers, Part 2
Pete continues a discussion on methods that people use to ease into the writing zone:

The most important thing which came out of that blog post and the following thought and work on my own brain was not so much a major personality shift — would that I could pull those off voluntarily — but was rather, my own ability to consciously spot the times when I was going too fast and frazzled, and also the times when I was going too slow and tired, too exhausted to even want to write the character crossing the room and lighting a cigarette simply because it was too many words and too much work. I recognized those states of mind, and that became important. [more]

Life, Writing, and Other Things: Five Weird Things
Tori participates in the “five weird things” meme!

How do you narrow down the five weirdest things about me? [more]

My Midnight Muse: Another Friday Chapter
Another chapter from Kristine’s book, When the Stars Walk Backwards!

“The human body is mostly water. And in space, water freezes immediately. He was frozen solid, and stuck against my ship, hooked there by a piece of his suit.”

“My God.”

Mac inhaled deeply and slowly, then turned to face Bryce. “I was trapped there, for another twenty hours. The only thing I feared was slowly losing my mind. That’s what it felt like the whole time. Like my sanity was slipping away with each passing minute.” He looked away again, gazing out at the clouds.


The Commune: Random Question #4
What do you, as a writer, deal with the availability of personal information online? Another discussion from Lori, lady of deep thoughts.

And also from The Commune, a guest blogger!
If I Could Just Help One Person
I like Jenna Glatzer’s style as she peers into what drives the self-help book writer’s altruistic statement, “If I could just help one person.” Good on yer, Jenna!

Every person who so much as thinks about writing a self-help book or memoir eventually utters the following: “If I could just help one person with this book, I would be happy.”

Liars! [more]

Thingymablog: Rolling Out the Old Year
Mary looks back over the holidays.

It was a little bittersweet because my eldest informed me that he knows Santa is pretend but he likes it anyway. This happened without fuss or drama or a big revelation, just the creeping reality that a fat man in a red suit probably couldn’t visit every chimney on planet Earth, even with magic reindeer. [more]

You should also read her Greatest of These, a wonderful kitteh take on advent. Visit Thingymablog for even more kitteh antics as they tackle The Night Before Christmas and Shakespeare.

Two from Ed at Upon Reflection:

Literary Doodling, Part 5 – Ed does Stream of Consciousness!

Hills Like White Teeth, an Ode to Hemingway – what it says. Enjoy it, for it is very Hemingway indeed, and Hemingway is awesome. And what Ed does here is very Hemingway and awesome. Just read it; ’tis awesome!

Finding Boddie: Notable Christmas Presents
Kate’s been showing off her wonderfully demented view of the holidays. This is just one of the series, where she discusses her cool Christmas presents. You should visit the rest of her blog for more of these little humorous coal bits and more.

Over at Ann’s (aka bunnygirl) Writings, we find that she’s got great announcements to make:

Now that I’m submitting stories to contests and paying markets, it’s about time I had a more serious website. It’s here, and I’d appreciate tips and suggestions. [more]

Ann also hosted a Holiday Flash Fiction Carnival of stories from various AW members, myself included.

Jenn Hollowell: Working Writer: 101 Things in 1001 Days
Jenn has a truly impressive list of resolutions here. Bow down in admiration and be inspired….

Virginia Lee: I Ain’t Dead Yet: Pfui to Resolutions and Woohoo!
Another take on resolutions from Virginia Lee, who writes many insightful posts and amazing little stories, and you should check out her blog quite often:

So PHOOEY to resolutions! I refuse to set myself up to fail. Instead I’ll keep pursuing the things I wish to achieve and behaving in a manner that enables me to like myself and even love myself. It’s hard to remember to love yourself sometimes. The thing is, if you don’t genuinely love and accept yourself, foibles and all, you aren’t really able to love anyone else effectively. Therefore, here’s what I do. Feel free to customize as needed to suit you…. [more]

Musings from the Mitten: The journey of building a magazine
Erika is launching a magazine,

the only content-driven digital magazine for work-at-home parents. It has been exciting and a challenge, and with five days to go until the big launch, I’m getting beside myself with excitement about it, so I thought that I’d write about the journey. [more]

There’s No Crying in the War Room is a book by Nathan that he’s putting up chapter by chapter on the web. (An
d yes, he doesn’t plan to ever make money from it. Safe word!) Stop by and drop critiques and comments. He drew me in with Chapter 2. Go ye and help out a fellow writer.

Chocolate For Your Brain!: In Defense of REMing….
Sherry writes hilarious stuff, and this is just one example. You can always get more.

“Honey? It’s seven-thirty, time to get up.”

“Did you know that Darpa-funded scientists might have found a drug that will eliminate sleepiness?”

“No. You’re awfully informed for having just woke up.”

“Radio was left on last night, woke up at 2, heard the report. Couldn’t sleep so it was interesting.” [more]

What Am I Doing in Mexico?: Hairspray Ninja
Melanie moved to Mexico, and this is her blog about settling into a new community and new traditions. Also, she has evil cockroachs.

I just had to share that I chased a two-inch long cockroach out the front door last night. I was in bed watching a movie, got up to go to the bathroom, and when I turned on the light TWO cockroaches ran across the floor.

One normal sized, which I hairsprayed to death in the sink.

The second was GINORMOUS. [more]

There are tons of folks on the Did You Update Your Blog? thread on AbsoluteWrite. I wouldn’t have discovered all these wonderful folks–and more!–without it.

That was a lot of links, but barely scratches the surface of my blog surfing. I guess I gotta admit it–I’m addicted to blogging!

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