Spontaneous Derivation’s First Entrecard

entrecard.png There’s a new blogging shiny out there, called Entrecard.

Entrecard is basically a new blogging network based off the old-fashioned idea of business cards; each blog has a 125×125 “card” that they can drop off at some other target site with Entrecard. You earn credits every time you leave your business card with someone else, or someone leaves their business card with you.

If you amass enough credits, you can pay to have your card appear on someone else’s Entrecard widget on their site. The credits you pay go to them.

It’s a neat little economic system that basically generates the old-fashioned web rings in a less centralized way. When I’ve visited Entrecard sites and started clicking on all the little cards, I would see related sites (because of course that’s where people are most likely to a) drop off cards and b) accept the dropped off cards and offers of advertisement).

More information available at Problogger’s article about Entrecard.

Hopefully your Entrecard is cool-lookin’ and people won’t mind having it on their site.

I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.

This Entrecard business also inspired me to create logos for Spontaneous Derivation. I eventually used the symbol for a partial derivative (the thing that looks like backwards six, or a flipped nine).

CEB7FD5E-580C-49D8-AD4C-4BB7950B6B31.jpg 602E7759-6FA6-4C4F-B6BE-D5703C044D53.jpg

And I replaced Blogger’s shortcut icon with my own: 029278A5-697E-446F-AD6E-C4FEBC24DEDF.jpg

Sort of a productive day, anyways.