Introducing Area-Specific Derivations! (And a WordPress Move)

Photography: that kat chick

I finally moved to WordPress, which was much painful, and got some hosting at EsoSoft–the same guys who host Smart Bitches, Trashy Books of recent “justified and amusing tearing apart of Cassie Edwards” fame.

(EsoSoft are very nice folks and got me set up in less than a day. With WordPress installed with the trimmings.)

What does this mean for you?

Spontaneous Derivation has multiple audiences, some of which overlap in interests only occasionally. Having one feed and one box for everything makes it hard for people to get directly to what they want, now.

With WordPress, I can now introduce separated areas. So for instance, all you Sherlockians and Holmesians, who may not be all that interested in blogging, can visit Spontaneous Derivation’s Sherlock Holmes Area for Holmes-specific content. There’s also a Sherlock Holmes specific feed.

Similarly for Writing (writing-specific feed) and Reviews (reviews-specific feed).

As for me–I have a flash fiction to write after I get some food in me. Going to WordPress was necessary but, of course, not a move easily made by either the Blogger side or the WordPress side.

Statistics can be regained with time….

funny pictures

Better now than later, I think.