Mythos Madness: Cthulhu and the SFF Online Writing Workshop


Yes, this is relevant.

I’m writing a story for the February SFF Online Writing Workshop Monthly Challenge.

By the way, there’s a commendable crit contest going on there, complete with prizes. I hope to get this little story in shape in time for the contest, which means before the end of February.

I don’t want to put anything out there half-baked, though, even for critiques; so I might not make it. But that doesn’t mean you won’t make it.

Started with 0 words:

They send me out to kill legends. Or as a practical joke. Seniority gets no respect at the Academy.

Stopped for tonight with 684 words:

“And JJ couldn’t crack their servers?”

“They appear to keep inner circle correspondence on plain old paper. Who knows where all that is? Up some Yellow Party’s bum, maybe.”

Target: somewhere under 7500 words.

4 thoughts on “Mythos Madness: Cthulhu and the SFF Online Writing Workshop

  1. You. Did. Not. Post. LOLCthulhu. You didn’t. That is fantastic.

    God, that takes me back, 22, maybe 23 years, in that little used bookstore on Flatbush Ave., arguing in tense whispers with The Dungeon Master, high school crony, over who would get the beat up old paperback copy of The Colour Out Of Space. Out of print for years, neither of us had ever read it, but he had been the one to introduce me to old H.P., so he won the argument. The Dungeon Master always won. But he was a gent, and lent it to me later in the week, and I found my own copy (probably at The Strand) not long thereafter. Sorry for the digression. I’m going to go find it now and read it before bed. Need sleep. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. No worries, it was a lovely digression!

    Sleep and… um… pleasant dreams, I hope. Not what I would pick to read before bed. ;)

  3. Couldn’t find it anyway. The Lovecraft is buried in the paperback stacks on the guest room bookcases, and I was wiped from a very quick out-and-back trip to California. Weekend project.

  4. Sounds like business.

    I have thought about taking a weekend in a hotel to write. I did go off on a trip for other reasons a few months ago, and I found writing in the evenings to be quite nice. I guess all I need is a comfy bed and a quiet room with little distraction.

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