My Writing Pledge: Involves Fish Guts

Photography: Daniel Leininger

My non-compete frightens me, I admit. Books are so out of my reach that I no longer felt like trying.

One day, I read a lovely Scalzi rant, where I found out that this utter idiot named Andrew Burt had five SFWA-qualifying short stories, and one novel—self-published with fewer sales than Amazon reviews, so I’m not sure it counts.

And I thought: damn it. I will be better than that idiot. I can eventually get short stories published… but I can’t do that novel.

Then I stumbled upon something that can be chopped up into a bunch of standalone stories, but the whole thing is still a novel-length work, stitched together.

And so I pledge: I will publish enough of those short stories to qualify as more than a novel and five short stories: 10 short stories for the novel, and 6 short stories. All SFWA-qualifying. And then I will be better than him.

Yes, I do always need someone to gut like a fish. Why do you ask?

And bring me my catnip, puny humans.