Sugar Gliders! May not actually taste good with sugar.

Tiny cute sugar glider.
Does it taste good with sugar?
Photography by Brent and MariLynn

Originally I wrote an additional flash fiction story for the March 2008 AbsoluteWrite blog chain, but it really belongs elsewhere, not here. Sorry about that, folks. Sometimes things just don’t work.

Getting on with the blog chain:

The previous posts in this chain are apparently about dogs and other pets. And also children (do they count?). And Gillian Pollack before me also wrote about eating your pets.

I don’t have any pets, thus can’t eat them, and I didn’t want to go into Paper Dragon territory again, so I wrote a bit of Japanese lore flash fiction.

By the way, I love eating animals. Whenever I see a cute widdle animal, like a bunny or a bird (except for crows or pigeons or rats or goldfish, ugh), I wonder: what would that taste like roasted or baked? I’d love to eat some endangered species, except that, you know, they’re endangered. I hear puffin and buffalo are nice to eat. Also ostrich and snake. I really like to eat hearts and, if they’re present, gizzards; just the thickness of muscles, I guess. Fish eyes are yum to me. Although I could never get used to chicken feet.

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16 thoughts on “Sugar Gliders! May not actually taste good with sugar.

  1. I had trouble telling the names apart, as I rely more than I should on the first letter. Once I got the hang of who was who, I enjoyed the story. I liked the mythical elements.

  2. It’s all my fault that you turned away from cuteness and sweetness and frolicking with pets, is it? I do wonder where the chain will go next, since between us we have entirely destroyed its niceness.

  3. I can’t say I find things like hearts and gizzards appealing.

    I’ve had liver once, and promised myself I’d never do that again!

    More for you, I suppose. :)

  4. Um, yeah….remind me if you ever come to my house that to make sure you don’t wander over toward my turtle’s bowl, lol! :-)

  5. You’re welcome, Kathleen.

    D.T. — Liver is, um, an acquired texture, rather than taste. I love me a good liver sausage, although these days I make a vegetarian version that’s actually better. (Involves eggplant. I love eggplant! It goes with all sorts of meat, except fish, though sometimes I’m not so sure fish counts as meat.)

    Colby — little turtles are not quite worth it. Although they might make cute appetizers, if they taste good….

  6. Very cute sugar glider!

    As I said before, I definitely do NOT look at animals and wonder how they’d taste! I prefer to not make the mental connection between food and cute animals.

  7. Ick! I prefer to just eat the “standard” flesh of an animal. I’ve seen steak and kidney pie and my dad likes liver wurst but I’ll just stick to a chicken breast or flank steak.

  8. If you want to try something endangered, try to find meat from an endangered breed of livestock. Rare breeds are said to have much better tastes and textures, plus they’re nearly always raised free range. If people actually eat them, more people will raise them, and you will help to preserve the breed.

  9. Don’t you just love writing challenges?!!! They bring forth ideas that would normally be left alone. This is why I love the Liberty Hall writing challenges. I admit that I have been so slack in recent months so I haven’t been involved in the activities, but there is more than enough to do there. Absolute Write seems to have lots of potential so I will look around and see what I find there.

  10. AbsoluteWrite is absolutely a gem of a forum for writers. Strongly recommended.

    If you know this literary agent and have been following his contests, many of the winners are on AbsoluteWrite.

    Definitely hang out there and learn stuff.

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