Confessions of a Blogger: My Life As Though ‘Twere a Flowchart

For Weekend Assignment #217: Career Day on Outpost Mâvarin.

It all started here:

I could go on about how, in the most unlikeliest of coincidences, that I one day decided to be a blogger. Or a programmer. Or a writer. Or living on a secret island base.

But I decided a flowchart would get the idea across without torturing you all.


Yes. That’s the sum of the good career advice I’ve been given over the last 30 years: “You’d be a good something.”

On the other hand, there was quite a lot of bad career advice too. For instance, my parents told me that I’d only be able to find a job doing data entry, because that was all I was capable of.

Yeah. It’s nice to have parents who nourish your dreams like that.

15 thoughts on “Confessions of a Blogger: My Life As Though ‘Twere a Flowchart

  1. Excellent and most interesting post. It’s always great to see someone thinking “out of the box”. Good luck with the writing and keep up the interesting posts.


  2. My internet connection is up and down like a yoyo, and this is my second try at commenting here. I love the way you did this – it’s very appealing visually, and easy to follow. Well done! Plus it reminds me, in a general way, with my own journey. May the “good writer” part pay off for both of us!

  3. Yowser! What a response. You ARE a good something You’re a shining example of something imaginative coming out of mediocrity. Well done!

  4. Thanks, Kiva. :)

    I like to do odd things.

    At first, the flowchart was longer, but then I realized that some events really stood out as decision points, and plenty did not.

    I’m pleased that it came out as neatly as it did.

  5. Somewhere this strikes my memories and rattles them up. If I were to draw a flowchart like that, it would have been similar except that the Tech part would have been replaced with “Mechanical Engineering”.

    I am beginning to learn HTML, CSS, XML javascript NOW. I don’t when I will begin to get a hang of it.

    Someday, I will be a good writer and a good learner…:-)

  6. You’ll get the hang of the web alphabet soup technologies. Practice is what really drives the principles through. That, and good books.

    You’re on the road there. Someday is possible when you’re striving for it. :)

  7. I love this post! The post matches the visual appeal of your blog (what a great design!) and I laughed as I followed your life on a flowchart. Career advice be darned, you have clearly found your niche!

  8. Hi Trisha, ’tis indeed a neat and different way to do a blog post.

    Karen, thank you! The design is by the449, some of the best and standards-compliant web designers across the world, who also tend to know how to deal with IE’s rendering oddities. Their designs are the most pleasant I’ve had the chance to tinker with, and I’ve had to tinker with some very awful things.

    I imagine why more folks don’t use Simplicity is because it may sometimes require a bit of tweaking here and there. But the449 think of many things, and for example build in Gravatar support. That makes me very pleased.

    Never had a theme that didn’t need some tweaking or other from me.

    the449 also did up, and very well at that.

    If you look at Fictional Derivations (in something other than IE, I’m afraid), that’s also the449’s handiwork.

    Both are free themes (the only free ones from the449, indeed). I don’t yet have the spare cash to devote to a full the449 design, and Spontaneous Derivation does not yet justify one.

  9. I really enjoyed your creative idea about using a flow chart to tell us about yourself. Do you mind if I borrow the idea!? I want to try it out for fun. It reminds of the Inspiration software for visually organizing ideas.

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