2008 Hugo Awards Countdown: Best Professional Editors – Long Form


We don’t appreciate editors enough sometimes.

For they’re the ones who choose the writers and works and shepherd the manuscript through the publishing process. In the case of the short form (meaning magazines like Asimov’s) they go through slush piles that would make your knees knock together. And in the case of the long form (novels and anthologies), they deal with the insanity that is publishing.

Because editors oversee so many projects, and sometimes don’t even have a website of their own (they’re waaay too busy), this took a bit longer than I expected to put together.

Nominees for Best Professional Editor, Long Form

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Lou Anders – Pyr
Editorial Director

lou-anders.gif Sampling of Books in 2007

brasyl.jpg Brasyl
Ian MacDonald
2008 Hugo Nominee
fastforward.jpg Fast Forward 1:
Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge

bright-of-the-sky.jpg Bright of the Sky
Kay Kenyon
SF Editor Watch Page

Ginjer Buchanan – Ace Books/Roc
Editor in Chief

ginjer Sampling of Ace/Roc Books in 2007

halting-state Halting State
Charles Stross
2008 Hugo Nominee
cauldron-jack-mcdevitt Cauldron
Jack McDevitt
galactic-north Galactic North
Alastair Reynolds
SF Editor Watch Page
Penguin Imprint Focus Interview
David G. Hartwell – Tor/Forge
Senior Editor

david-g-hartwell Sampling of Books in 2007

rollback Rollback
Robert J. Sawyer
2008 Hugo Nominee
gods-and-pawns Gods and Pawns
Kage Baker
book-of-joby Book of Joby
Mark J. Ferrari
SF Editor Watch Page

Beth Meacham – Tor
Executive Editor

beth-meachamSampling of Books in 2007

gospel-of-the-knife Gospel of the Knife
Will Shetterly
mainspring1 Mainspring
Jay Lake
jumper-griffins-story Jumper: Griffin’s Story
Steven Gould
SF Editor Watch Page
Patrick Nielsen Hayden – Tor
Senior Editor

pnhSampling of Books in 2007

last-colony The Last Colony
John Scalzi
2008 Hugo Nominee
territory-emma-bull Territory
Emma Bull
ha-penny Ha’penny
Jo Walton
SF Editor Watch Page
Making Light

2 thoughts on “2008 Hugo Awards Countdown: Best Professional Editors – Long Form

  1. None of the three books you cite in connection with my colleague Beth Meacham was in fact edited by her. While Beth is one of the best editors in the field and grossly overdue for a Hugo, she doesn’t in fact oversee the Tor list, so choosing three random Tor books is liable to yield three books Beth had nothing to do with.

    A more accurate selection of 2007 titles Beth edited would be MAINSPRING by Jay Lake, THE GOSPEL OF THE KNIFE by Will Shetterly, and JUMPER: GRIFFIN’S STORY by Steven Gould.

  2. Hi Patrick!

    I’m sorry about that. I searched for a list of books she’d edited, but it seemed that neither Google nor I could turn anything up.

    I’ve corrected the information above. Thank you very much for telling me.

    I feel very “oops!” at the moment. Note for next year: definitely start all this much, much earlier.

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