Note to EntreCarders

Yes, the little EC widget from my blog is gone for the nonce.

This is not due to sudden EntreCard hate on my part, but a change in the direction of my blog that I have yet to really figure out. I mean, as of this writing, I haven’t been able to come up with a nicely coherent About page either.

Until I do figure it out (which always involves a lot of writing and reflection) EC will be off on my sites.

I will miss you all for a while.

5 thoughts on “Note to EntreCarders

  1. I have been in the exact same situation before. You could experience an initial drop in traffic but this quickly picks up again. In my case, leaving EC meant a more balanced flow of traffic, less from referring sites, more from direct traffic and search engines.

    If you did a lot of ‘dropping’ you will also find yourself with a bit of extra time on your hands. If you were addicted to ‘dropping’ as I was, it does take a while tobecome normal again.

  2. Hi sailor! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’ve already seen the initial drop when I stopped doing the fiend-dropping, but getting one of my SF articles linked by io9 made up for all that, in great dividends.

    People also seem to read the SF stuff—my greatest fear was that no one would bother. But my SF articles have garnered reads comparable to my blogging articles, so—at least for now—Sd will be on an even keel.

    Bamboo, EntreCard is another kind of social networking. Small and intimate and very blogger-orientated. I expounded upon it a bit in Getting the Most out of EntreCard.

  3. I don’t understand why you took off the EC widget. It is just a way to let you know I was here. I think the best thing about EC is that when you don’t have a comment to leave you can still let the blog owner know you came to visit.

    Good luck with the changes. Change can be a great thing and lots of fun. :)

  4. Hi Laura!

    I agree with you about that advantage of EC. On the other hand, I don’t feel it’s fair for me to stick around on EC when my reciprocation rate has gone down and my blog is no longer technically in the right category.

    At the moment, I need to get as many distractions away as possible to rebuild content, essentially; I didn’t get into EC until Sd had at least three months of meta-blogging articles in it.

    Thanks for the luck. :) Rebuilding a blog (in terms of heading another way with content) is a venture fraught with dips in visitors…

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