Fun Facts About Tor's Free eBooks Authors, Part 1

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Hopefully you’ve already gone and filled your Kindle with free Mobis from Tor Books’ promotion (expires July 27th, 2008).

Here are some Fun Facts about the writers of 9 of the 24 books available:

Mistborn – Fantasy – Book 1 in a Series
by Brandon Sanderson

In preparation for writing the final book in The Wheel of Time, he re-read the entire series and blogged about the experience.

Old Man’s War – Science Fiction – Book 1 in a Series
by John Scalzi

John Scalzi, besides running the Whatever hangout, is generally hailed as the new Heinlein. I can tell you he’s a less preachy version of Heinlein, if that’s so. His most famous article, across national newspapers and the web alike, is Being Poor.

Spin – Science Fiction – Standalone – Thriller
by Robert Charles Wilson

A fun read from his website: Human Contingency and Finding What You Want at the Bookstore.

Farthing – Alternative History – Book 1 in a Series
by Jo Walton

She currently blogs not just on her LJ, but also on, starting off with the kick-ass and hive-kicking entry The Singularity Problem and Non-Problem.

The Outstretched Shadow – Fantasy – Book 1 of the Obsidian Trilogy
by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory

Look, even more eBooks of her works from Baen! And he wrote the novel adaptation of the Merlin miniseries; first chapter samples here.

Crystal Rain – Science Fiction – Book 1 of a Series
by Tobias S. Buckell

Dude blogs a lot, by which I mean he’s one of those writers who know-know about blogging.

Lord of the Isles – Fantasy – Book 1 of a Series
by David Drake

You know, I honestly think this is the only heroic fantasy series out there that draws inspiration from Sumerian mythology. He talks about that, and writing the book, here.

Through Wolf’s Eyes – Fantasy – Book 1 of a Series
by Jane Lindskold

Unlike quite a few folks in the fantasy magic wolves business, Jane Lindskold knows about wolves.

The Disunited States of America – Alternate History/Science Fiction – In a Series
by Harry Turtledove

Many know his alternative history work, but his YA Crosstime Traffic series has more than a touch of science fiction. And here’s an audio interview with the master of alternative history himself.

More fun facts for books 10 – 17 and books 18 – 24 tomorrow and Saturday.

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  1. I’ve been saving all these novels for when I have a device to read them with. Never looked into who the authors were. Glad you did.


  2. Hi Don! You’re welcome. I continue to do so, with Part 2 and, soon to come, Part 3.

    Part 2 is especially full of writing links.

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