Free Tor Books Available on Kindle Store!

Photography: Robert Scoble

Update: It’s over!

Even if you’ve scooped up the books earlier from, I suggest you move some of them from your Kindle, then have WhisperNet them to you for free over at this special Amazon message page.

Why do this? Because not only will you have spent $0.00 for free books, but they’ll be backed up on your Media Library page on You can download them again and again, even if you remove them from your physical Kindle.

Mind you, you’ll have to do some more clicking than just drag-and-drop to your Kindle. And not all of the ones available on are available from And, of course, the final caveat is that the copies from Amazon will have DRM attached, which a lot of folks don’t like.

But I don’t mind, and I have the DRM-free copies on the side anyways. So I’m gonna do some clicking now.